The Facts vs The Truth

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Lastest Series By Dr. Hinn

"The Power of Ambassadorship"

An ambassador is a unique position in all kingdoms, different from any other appointment, and needs to be fully understood before it is appointed because of the power it carries. Ambassadors are appointed, not voted. They represent the state of their kingdom, only interested and committed to the assignment of their government. They embody (personify) the kingdom from which they are sent, are totally covered and protected by their kingdom, and are the full responsibility of their government. They have access to all their nation’s wealth to do their assignment, and their goal is to influence the territory to which they are sent. They can never become citizens of the nation to which they are assigned and can be recalled by the king or president that sent them. Finally, ambassadors can never speak their personal position or personal opinions, only the words they have been commanded to speak. We are the ambassadors of the Kingdom of God, and when we see ourselves as ambassadors it will change the way we think and live. In this series, Dr. Hinn challenges our understanding of what it means to be “ambassadors for Christ”.

The Reflection of Glory

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