The Facts vs The Truth

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Lastest Series By Dr. Hinn

"The Law of Light"

"God saw the light, and it was good and He divided the light from the darkness." (Gen 1) We have always done it backward. We’ve always struggled to die so we can live. We struggle to get rid of the old man so we can put on the new. It does not work! We think, ‘If only I can conquer this habit, this nature, this weakness, this lust, this, and this and that, then I will be able to have the life of Christ manifest in me.’ We have tried to get rid of sin so we can have righteousness. We have tried to get rid of death so we can have life. We have worked at eradicating darkness out of our lives so we can walk in the light, but we have been pulling the cart before the horse! "The solution is not getting rid of the darkness, but to bring in the light! The Law Of Light is that it will always dispel darkness, it never fails and darkness cannot stop it!"

The Reflection of Glory

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