The Ministry of Giving


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    “In today’s religious marketplace, we are confronted by a host of hustlers competing for the Christian dollar.  Daily on television, radio, internet and mail, Christians are bombarded with the constant pressure to give.  As if it is a matter of life or death, they emphasize our obedience to the Word of God as a manipulation for our spiritual well-being, using emotional and psychological gimmicks to get more money.  Many believers who want to help at times give only to subside the guilt trip that has been put on them.  My prayer is that this teaching will change the denominations of our thinking, that it will raise the grade or value of our thinking to a higher class or level of belief that we may become more suitable for the assignment that is before us.  God is Love.  Love is the force or divine energy that changes conditions.

    Love is the problem-solver.  Paul said in 1 Corinthians 13:8, “it never fails.”  That means it is unstoppable, it has the power of perseverance and security!  It is the highest nature, it heals, it is the power of health and intelligence.  It causes the milk to flow out of a mother’s breast; there is no greater power in heaven or earth than God is Love!  It is the glue that holds all things in place and keeps them from collapsing into countless particles!  God so loved He gave!  We are localized extensions of this Divine Nature, and the more we become one with Christ and be as He is in this world the more we will attract to ourselves all the good that love can bring , and our life will increase in spiritual and natural prosperity.  Love is the Cosmic (the universe) that opens man to the world of wonder, to the world of the  miraculous, the sphere where there is no fear.   It pours out without demanding a return, it enjoys giving for giving sake because it is the vast universe of supply – it is God manifest!”

    In this teaching, Dr. Hinn opens up and raises our understanding to God’s definition of  His love through The Ministry of Giving.

    The Series includes the following titles:

    Pt. 1 – The First Purifies The Rest

    Pt. 2 – The Grace of Giving

    Pt. 3 – The Prosperity of the Soul

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