Synagogue Versus Church!


In this teaching Dr. Hinn, expounds on the difference between synagogues and the church by first asking the question, “What are synagogues?”  They are Jewish religious institutions that begun after the Israelites returned from exile in Babylon.  Ezra the priest, after the exiles resettled in Jerusalem (Nehemiah 8), started a movement that led to the development of the synagogue system.  Distinguished from the tabernacle and the temple where sacrifices were made, synagogues were local gathering places for Jews of all ages who met for prayers, worship and the study of the law.

For centuries before Christ these gatherings became synagogues that sprang up in Jerusalem and surrounding cities.  Wherever  there were 10 or more people who wanted to preserve their Jewish customs, they would build these small buildings, and anyone capable to share could take the pulpit and open the scriptures.  Rabbis in each community would control the operation and the thinking within the synagogues.

Today, instead of the Church being the Identity of Christ and authority of His kingdom,  it is buildings in every town and city full of people waiting on the return of Christ.  Instead of it being Christ in the world under the headship and leadership of Jesus Christ, it is an ineffective institution having the form without the power.  In the times of synagogue’s weekly Sabbath services The Lord Jesus said, “…upon this rock [the Revelation of Christ], I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it…!”




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