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    The purpose of the church is to be an extension of the kingdom of heaven here on earth by crafting, molding and Making Disciples. The test and quality of a church is determined by its capacity to be able to produce qualified disciples. It does not matter how big or how many buildings it has, its true success is based on being able to produce disciples. God never intended for the church to be a group of people who just sit sourly and vegetate in a building on a weekly basis. The purpose of discipleship is to create a life transformation that becomes an effective instrument in the hand of God. Paul said in 2 Corinthians 3:3-5, “we are written epistles, known and read of all men, manifestly declaring the Word of Christ. Not that we are sufficient in ourselves, but our sufficiency is of God.”
    Jesus said in Matthew 28:18-20, “…All power (authority) is given to Me in heaven and in earth! Go ye therefore and teach (make disciples) teaching them to observe (implement, fulfill) all that I have commanded you…” In today’s modern gospel we have a problem; many believe that you can become a Christian and not be a follower of Jesus. Getting saved and being forgiven of our sins is the Gospel without much or any teaching on being followers of Christ. We have accepted a non-discipleship gospel and therefore we do not have the power and authority of Christ. Jesus showed that discipleship and authority work hand-in-hand ; one without the other is dysfunctional. God’s goal is far beyond salvation, it is discipleship. Jesus has always looked for followers not fans, and being followers means it is our life-long commitment, and it is what defines us as His church.
    In this revolutionary teaching, Dr. Hinn reveals the true purpose of God for His creation in Making Disciples.


    The Series includes the following titles:

    Pt 1 – Making Disciple

    Pt 2 – Making Disciples

    Pt 3 – The Faith of Discipleship

    Pt 4 – The Authority of Discipleship

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