Apostolic Transformation


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    Apostolic transformation is the power of the kingdom of God entering into an old, stale, stubborn system and disrupting, dismantling and restructuring it according to divine order. We have now stepped into a world of accelerated change. More changes are crammed into one day of our lives than our grandparents experienced in a decade; changes of every kind – economic, social, cultural, political, technical and religious. For us to be able to remain steadfast in these changing and unstable times, we need a clear vision and understanding of apostolic strategies in order to stay fixed on course. I believe the Lord is now releasing a pioneering spirit into His chosen men and women; leaders that will carry the heavenly blueprint of building and releasing the revelation of the kingdom of God into their territories and regions.

    With apostolic wisdom they will embrace covenant relationships versus competitions, and finally raise a unified body that will release the power of the kingdom like this world has never seen. The years just ahead of us will carry with them the spiritual circumstances that will remove some leaders and raise a new breed of ministers who will walk in greater authority, character and revelation. Their Christ-like lives will pave the way for covenantal relationships across the world that will usher in the revelation of Christ in human flesh!” In this pivotal and timely series Dr. Hinn unfolds a new level of truth that will impact and prepare your life for what the Lord is now doing in the earth.

    Part 1 – Apostolic Transformation

    Part 2 – Apostolic Anointing

    Part 3 – Apostolic Strength And Balance

    Part 4 – Covenantal Position